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Related post: Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 10:10:57 -0800 (PST) From: Sargon Bighorn Subject: Parent ? Student ? Teacher Meetings Part 2Parent -- horny 13 girls Student -- Teacher Meetings Part 2Tom's Meeting with his Dad and Mr. Hardwood.My name is porn 19 yr mpg Brent. I'm blondie tv 1968 your typical athletic 16 year old. 30 inch bath vanity I'm 5'9" 155 brown hair, bust a nut 3 hazel eyes. Lean muscled because I work out and like the look. It's not that I am huge; it's that I am fit, active and involved. My third year in an all male private high school is a blast. At 16 life is great. I live with my Dad and enjoy everyday.Mr. Hardwood my Male Physiology teacher said at the end of last semester that he'd be scheduling meetings with each of our Dad's because there were some issues he wanted to 14 yr sexy nudists discuss with us.Mr. Hardwood had a research project boy 12yo pic he was working on and had his Male Physiology students help him with the research. The basic theory that he was trying to prove was given 1939 wife test widget enough stimulation (edging) over an extended period of time (hours per 14 nude african girls day and days 80s chick per week) with out inducing an orgasm, the resulting amount of sperm ejaculated during the orgasm at the end 15 y.o porn photos of the edging period would be a number geometrically larger than the edging period figure 6 months less breastmilk itself.This sort of mathematical explanation left me dizzy.A few days passed since my meeting with Dad and Mr. Hardwood. Tom Jacking and I were shooting hoops one afternoon at the gym when I mentioned the meeting.Tom said, "Yeah I have one scheduled with my Dad and Mr. Hardwood too. Tonight as a matter of fact." He said as he launched a ball through the hoop. It didn't even hit the rim."I'm 2011 snoop daddy specs sure it will go fine. You provided all the data Mr. Hardwood 2 ballistic rubber panels wanted for his research project. I'm sure it will be a short sweet meeting. Besides your Dad is a studly guy." I said as akb48 nude if being studly had anything to do with it. But Tom's Dad was a hunk. Beefy, hairy, hard bodied not an ounce of fat on his frame.I remembered what happened last semester with Tom's Dad. The numbers on the chart sexy 16yo boy showed Tom edged his Dad for 45 minutes the first session, something longer the second session and like over an hour 5-15 porn for the third. On the fourth edging technique practice session I think the chart showed that Tom's Dad had produced a huge load of sperm. Tom's figures supported Mr. Hardwood's theory. 36dd shemale No wonder Mr. Hardwood was happy Tom.The rest of the afternoon went well. 15 yr kiddy naked We ran around the court shooting hoops until I had to head 365 nights of sex home and get dinner started. "Hey Tom let me know how it goes with you and your Dad and Mr. Hardwood, k?" I shouted as I looked over yers 15 sex sexy my shoulder at Tom while heading out."Okay Brent, see ya later buddy." He yelled back and waved.** Tom, His Dad (Mr. Jacking) and Mr. auburn tigers 1929 uniform Hardwood Meet**I saw Tom the next day in study hall. His face was beaming and he had a real good look about horny pre 16 girls him. Like he was totally happy, doing what he loved to do."Hey Tom you're looking like you had a 13 yr xxx sex great night. How did the meeting with your Dad and Mr. Hardwood go? It must have been good Right?" I inquired as I flipped through my boring history book."Oh yeah you could say that. Mr. Hardwood is a great guy. My Dad took to him right away. I should let you know, BUT you HAVE to keep this a secret. You CAN'T tell any of the other guys. PROMISE." Tom said the words with conspiratorial emphasis like it was a life or death situation."If you tell anyone I'll break you nose." Tom said with a smile."Okay I PROMISE." I intoned back with the same I'm-in-this-to-the-death sort of voice."Mr. Hardwood demonstrated another edging stimulation technique on my Dad and had me practice on my Dad too. It was fantastic. My Dad was in heaven the whole time, moaning, closing his eyes in ecstasy, pussy 12 yong breathing like he was pumping iron in D0G SEX TUBE the gym." Tom said in a soft secret adult playstation2 game voice as he leaned closer to me."Tell me QUICK what happened?" I could hardly wait to hear.Tom began to 14 inch anal relate last evening's meeting...When babe toy extreme 010 Dad and I met Mr. Hardwood 12y porn he sat us on the sofa in the back."What a pleasure to meet you Mr. Jacking." Mr. Hardwood said as he took 1984 vanessa williams penthouse my Dad's bear like paw of a hand in his. My Dad worked physically hard for a living. It bendable vertebrae vibes 7 was clear to see that from looking at him. His hands were thick."Yeah sure a pleasure Mr. Hardwood nice to meet you." 16 yr girl fucked My Dad replied back in the politest way he knew how. He's a good man, basic and simple, but really genuine. I'd trust him with anything."Let's have a seat in the back and discuss Tom's progress in Male Physiology class shall cummins n14 fuel filters we?" Mr. Hardwood walked to the back of the class room and sat himself 1983 vintage transmitting tube down in a chair. My Dad and I took seats on the sofa sitting next to each other.Mr. Hardwood started right in. "You know forbidden ch1ldren Mr. Jacking Tom is one of my best students. He's attentive and always does his homework and turns it in on time. Really there is no 14yo real fuck pics problem with Tom. He's been very helpful in my edging technique research project. In under 16 girls nude part you're also to be complimented. With out your cooperation at home the research would take longer.""What I really wanted to do this evening, sex 3rab tube with your permission is allow Tom to have a head start on another edging technique. I think he is ready for it and I think you are too. Technically it's not an edging with the hand stimulation technique, but when used by a gifted practitioner can be even more effective for edging a man to the brink of an orgasm without taking him over." Would it be okay with you if we all took some time and went over the technique?"Yeah sure of course. I think my Son aught a have the best education possible. What you want me to do?" My Dad under 15 porno inquired of Mr. Hardwood."If you don't arm thumb 2 mind remove your pants, I'll do the same and Tom you should do the same too. It will allow us the maximum learning environment for Tom.Mr. Hardwood stood up and 12 yo sex jpg removed his pants as did my Dad. I followed suit. No one thought much of it as this was 12yo raped an all male private school and the culture was one of male bonding, companionship F4EE ZOO MOVEI SEX and openness. There was nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of.When we'd all taken our seats again, sitting there with no pants on Mr. Hardwood looked ingenuous0116 at me and said, "Tom would you mind running through the edging stimulation techniques we've learned so far? I'm impressed with your skills and I know your Father is too."Mr. tiny 13yo Hardwood had set andie mature over 30 some Jack off cream on the coffee table and so I proceeded to start with the stimulation techniques."Dad spread your legs just a bit for me please. There's no cock ring here but 1980 s glamour nudes 14 yo free sex I know you don't need that." I said as I took hold of my Dad's flaccid cock.My Dad spread his beefy fuzzy legs, leaned back into the sofa and looked down as I began to go through the edging techniques.It took only 1960 s boob a few gentle swirls over my Dad's glans and along his frenulum to bring his uncut barely 16 porn movies cock to full erection. It was a nice cock too. My fingers swirled over and under my Dad's erection. Each small touch, each delicate movement eliciting a 38k breasts soft gentle moan from Dad."Fantastic Tom, you're doing really well." Mr. Hardwood incest 12yo girls said as my fingers continued to edge and stimulate my Dad's pulsing cock. "Now proceed to ball stimulation and wrap it up with nipple stimulation." He suggested.With out missing a stroke, my free hand went to my Dad's large and weighty balls. First one then the other came under my gifted flicking and touching. My Dad's breathing would quicken when I'd stimulate his glans and balls, boy 15 fuck and lessen when I'd just stimulate one pleasure region. I had my Dad in the girls 12yo palm of my hand so to speak.I then moved to his right nipple and while continuing to stimulate his glans my fingers began to delicately flick his nipple. I was really bringing my new found skills to bear on Dad's sensitive nipples and his now swelling and pulsing cock."Be careful Tom, I see the non verbal signs that your Dad is nearing nude 14 yo thumbs an orgasm, slow down 1980 s porn and then stop. I 12 yo porn ru want to show you another edging technique." I did as Mr. Hardwood said and stopped touching my Dad's nipple and then slowly backed off from edging his cock. With the last up stroke of my hand on Dad's cock a huge flow of pre cum emerged porn 3sum from his glans and past his foreskin and ran over the back of my hand."Whoa son that was fantastic." My Dad said to me. "What's the other technique Mr. TUBE D0G SEX PORN Hardwood? I'm curious to know." My Dad said as he looked first 70s gay porn at me and then Mr. Hardwood."Allow me to demonstrate for you Mr. Jacking. Stay where you are. Tom watch what cummins 3395 I do." And with that Mr. Hardwood moved his chair angel fucked 16 y.o over to my Dad, leaned over my Dad's crotch 3-d fuck and with the skill and action 36 mature women attention of a master slowly lowered his lips over the head of my Dad's cock!"Oh WOW man" was all my Dad could say as his head went back and his hips moved forward. He let out a huge sigh and settled into the sofa, his legs spread wide.Mr. Hardwood's lips moved down the full length fucking 13yo of my Dad's enormous cock and then back to its glistening pulsing head. When his lips where at my Dad's stiff cock head Mr. Hardwood gently used busty 57 his lips like soft fingers to massage the glans. If Mr. Hardwood took his lips from the glans, his tongue was swirling around the cock's ridge and flicking at my Dad's frenulum."Oh yeah Mr. Hardwood that's some nice technique." My Dad moaned as his head moved from side to side in what were surges of pleasure coursing through his cock.When Mr. Hardwood placed his lips on my Dad's swelling glans and then removed then with a stroking sort of sex and zen 3 motion, a huge drop of pre cum flowed out of my Dad's cock. His foreskin was pulled back and nothing was between Mr. Hardwood's lips and my Dad's throbbing cock head. Mr. Hardwood's lips once again enveloped 70 moms my Dad's glans sucking up all the flowing pre cum."Now Tom it's your turn. It's pretty easy and straight forward. Just remember to keep your teeth off the skin 12 yo fuck and your lips moist. The rest will come naturally. 80s cumshot You try it now." Mr. Hardwood moved his chair a little way back so my Dad had room to bi oh 3 naoh move if needed.I looked at my Dad who was the picture of contentment. His face relaxed, at peace, calm and also eager.I leaned into my Dad, placed my hands on each of his muscular hairy thighs and 9 chickweed sex slowly lowered my lips to his pulsing glans. 42x30 mens pants The feeling was soft and delicate yet firm in a 60s mature muscular sort of way. I was at first surprised, and then delighted that such a smooth and Ight24 file156 sensitive area could bring such pleasure to my Dad."Oh son that's nice." My Dad alchol and sex mp3 sighed as my lips fully 1980 porn stars enclosed his cock head. "Mmm yeah pornsites under12 Tom wonderful." He moaned."Tom, with your 12yr nude girls lips over your Father's glans use your tongue and swirl it over the cock's head. Keep your lips over it, but at the same time use your tongue like you would the tip of your finger." Mr. Hardwood instructed gently.I did as instructed and felt my Dad's cock head swell and pulse in my mouth. And right after the swelling I tasted what must have been my Dad's pre cum. Warm, salty, and slick. When I felt the pre cum on my under 15 nude loitas tongue my Dad let out a soft moan of pleasure."Good Tom" Mr. Hardwood said, your Dad barely 20 free pics is responding well to this stimulation sex kitten 5 technique. You seem a natural at it. What you'll need to do now and it's a progression in your edging technique education is feel for your Dad's impending orgasm.""Because your eyes are close to your Dad's cock you won't be able to see the non verbal signs of his impending orgasm. You will have to feel for them. With your lips over his glans and your hands on his shaft you will need to feel when his cock becomes hard and ridged prior to an orgasm." Mr. Hardwood leaned in to tell me.Mr. Hardwood continued to provide guidance, "Move you hand to the base of your Dad's cock and while continuing to massage his cock head with your lips feel for his pulses to grow strong and more frequent."I continued to move my lips nude 14 yo over my Dad's warm cock head and wow was it hard and tight. My hand holding the mpeg-4 porn base of my Dad's cock didn't seem to feel a thing. I wondered what I was mp4 psp porn downloads supposed to be feeling. I was used to seeing it throb and expand before my Dad would shoot his load."Ugh son, oh I'm coming ah yeah son! Don't stop son don't stop!" My Dad then bucked his hips and I felt a warm volume of salty musky fluid enter my mouth. Then 60s nude pics free another and another and yet again another blast of warm naked girl 14 salty musky fluid filled my mouth. Not knowing really what was going on, but discerning my Dad was having an orgasm I did not remove my lips until directed to do so by Mr. Hardwood.My Dad shot 12yo porn clips so 30 women group sex much cum into my mouth that is spilled out of my lips and ran down his cock shaft to settle in his ample pubic hair."Okay Tom I think that's enough." Mr. Hardwood said. "It seems 14 yo nympho pics you've done very well for your first time with the edging technique. You may release your Dad's cock now."I pushed back against my Dad's thighs where my hands had been steadying myself the whole time I practiced the lip mp4 horse porn edging technique. My Dad's cock gently flopped down onto his leg and a small dribble of cum oozed out as his cock gave on last pulse."Wonderful Tom my sweet boy. Simply wonderful. I'm so proud of you for bringing nude girls under 13 me such pleasure. And Mr. Hardwood, I can't say enough about how happy I am you're teaching Tom these wonderful skills. They will serve him well his entire life." My Dad smiled broadly as he said these things to not only Mr. Hardwood 12 y.o. sex but to me too.As we were leaving the indochine 3e sexe mp3 meeting my Dad said, "Thanks again Mr. Hardwood. I'll see that Tom get's all the practice time he needs at home. It's been my pleasure to meet you.""Thanks again for coming Mr. Jacking. Tom I'll see you in class tomorrow. Have a good evening guys." Mr. Hardwood said. And we left."And that's pretty much what happened Brent." Tom said to me as he looked at the clock on the wall. "Seems like it's almost time for Male Physiology class. I think today we're going to learn about the Lip edging technique. I think Coach Long is going to volunteer again. I'm not sure." naturists 70 gallery Tom said under his breathe."Cool. I read ahead in the text book and I don't recall reading about a lip edging technique. aged 13 dicks Simplicity sewing machine 630 Maybe it's athletic pornstars 1 rar one of Mr. Hardwood's supplemental lessons." I offered in a way of explanation."Let's get outta 2 free adult here and grab a bite to eat before class, Okay Brent?" Tom said as we stood up and headed out of the room.
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